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"God doesn't need any more nutjobs on His side.  He has plenty of those already.  So please, if you're going to spread the Word, do it sanely, and with love.  I've found the best way to accomplish this is via an accidental head-on collision in a giant SUV being driven at a speed a pastor of a church probably should not be driving.  Once you both survive, the other guy is real quick to believe in Jesus."

A message brought to you by my church Pastor this Easter Sunday. 

Have a good one all! 
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I'm making this entry public so everyone can see it!  And hopefully respond.  You don't have to though, so no worries!

I'm doing a group project for one of my Sociology courses involving happiness as it corresponds to relationships.  If you guys can, please respond to the survey I'm posting here.  Feel free to comment anonymously!  It'll be more... y'know.. ethical that way.  Also, for answering, you can just put the question number, and the answer number/letter down.  Easy!

Thank you!

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Did.  Did anyone else... just see that?  I mean... is it real? 

The Discovery Channel has been flashing an advert about how it's theoretically possible to... essentially... do what Jurassic Park did.  Only minus the eating of the tourists and frog DNA making girls sprout Y chromosomes.  And.. and they're going to try it.

This is probably all one big "Hey, look what we can maybe sort of try and do!  Isn't that neat?" and a big long, "Well this is what WOULD happen..." type of deal.  My rational brain really, sincerely doubts there'll be a baby T-Rex* stomping around in the near future.

But most of me is jumping up and down and vibrating and screaming, "OH MY GOD!" in sheer therapodal-nerd glee at the slim shred of hope of seeing what I consider to be the most epic creature ever alive again.

Oh please oh please oh please...!!

*Why are they cloning the big carnivores first?  Did no one else see the movie?  Shouldn't this fall under the category of generally bad ideas?  Whatever happened to the little plant eaters like hipsolophodon?  Or even Ornothids?  THAT'S a safe bet--a big scaly ostrich. 
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This journal has already started an agrument between us.  For no good reason.  But, I don't think you'll ever stumble across this again, I don't even know if you have the link anymore.  So I'm making this public.  Just in case you see it.  Because I can't keep my mouth shut any longer without screaming.

I don't want you to think this is an attack on you.  It is not anything of the sort.  This is a question, an answer and a reflection.  This is me talking to you in the only way I can without letting my temper get in the way, or stumbling over inadequate words.  This is me offering an explanation to you for the actions of myself, and possibly other people, in the only way I can without worrying if someone is going to walk in and blow things to Kingdom Come. 

We're not that close any longer.

I don't know how much you've noticed it, or if you've been aware of it as long as I have.  It doesn't matter.  I know what started this rift, this canyon in our friendship, and with no intended malice, with all the grudges and at an attempt of logical reasoning... I don't believe it was me.  True, I held the grudge against you for what happened--I'm not denying that.  I was angry at you, I blew up and did not speak to you for weeks or days or I don't remember how long.  That was all me.  And yes, I wrote a journal entry online to get those feelings off my chest. 

But you broke my heart.  You went behind my back.  You had no intention of telling me about it.  And that was never resolved.

I don't know where we stand now.  I don't know how you feel, I don't know what you're thinking.  And, to be truthful, you don't know a thing about me in return.  We're not... friends anymore.  We broke up, to use a familiar terminology.  What happened between us, happened.  There's nothing we can do about it but move on.  I'm willing to.  You've never shown any signs beyond casual aquaintence-ship that you're willing to get back on track.

So that's why I can't talk to you.  Why I stay slient.  I'm not mad.  Far from it.  I feel like I'm meeting someone entirely new each time I see you.  I feel like you're a stranger and I can't talk to a stranger as I would my roommate, or even my Ex.

If I may take a step away from logic for a moment, and delve into the less-than-reasonable center of "emotion"... It feels like you've become that stranger.  You're doing things the person I knew and cared about would never do.  You're hurting people, you're picking up habits you downright loathed.  You're pushing us all away because, to quote you, "Boyfriend comes first."  That I could understand if you were married to him.  If you two had a family together.  But you don't. 

You say you "have no friends", and I won't deny I don't feel that you're right.  But do you want to know why I think that?  It's because you've pushed us all away in favor of your man.  From what I've seen, he's a good "boyfriend", and that's all well and good.  But to sound utterly selfish and lay myself bare, I say, "We were your friends first."

People change, yes.  But you changed so fast and so.. painfully, I'm left reeling.  We all are.  I miss being able to be your friend.  I miss being there for you and doing the batshit insane things girls high on caffiene and refined sugar do.  I'm sorry we had to end our friendship, I really am.  I never wanted it to end so messily.  I wanted to keep the promise I made to myself to not abandon you like you said others had.

We're all hurting.  So much as been said and done on both... I hesitate to say "sides" because then it feels as if we're gearing up for civil war.. so much as been said and done on both ends.  By you, about you, to you.  By us, about us, to us.  I want...

Fuck, I don't know what I want anymore.  I want this all to end.  I want a way out of this hole you and everyone else has dug themselves into.  And I want it with as little claws and teeth and viscera spilled as humanly possible.  But you're as stubborn as I am.  You're as angry as I can be. 

I don't see any way out of this and it's killing me.  I can't say anything else without being judgmental.  I don't want to be that.  It's not even technically my problem anymore, because we've cut each other out of each others' lives like beign cancer.  Still..

"It's my problem, because it effects my friends."

Where was I going with this?  What was I trying to do with this?  I'm not sure anymore.  Maybe an apology, maybe a wake-up call, maybe just one long rant because I'm so upset right now my hands are shaking.

/rant.  Goodnight.


Last night was interesting.

I signed off to read my homework, and, like usual there were people hanging out in our room.  Which is fine, because they're awesome people who make funny noises regarding overweight cats.  The boys went off to the local market for dinner--at 1 AM?  Weird, I know.  But they brought back what they dubbed as, "Snobbery Foods" which included some amazing cheese, pears, mini oranges, and... Martinelli's sparkling cider.

"It's a wine, cheese, and fruit party!" they cried.

So that was cool.  We even broke out some bread and made toast in the dining hall.  Everything was awesome until they tried to open the cider. 

The top of the bottle shattered.  All over Molly's side of the room.  They assumed they collected most of it, and couldn't find any on the bed, so we left it at that--as it was by then too late at night to grab the vaccum. 

After they left--me, having the goldfish memory that I do--I jumped off Molly's bed, intending to grab another orange before bed.

Instead of citrus goodness.... I landed on broken glass.  I didn't even realize what had happened until I'd sat down, peered at my foot, and saw the greenish shard and the blood.  I was epic for about two minutes as my brain refused to process the fact that there was a foriegn body IN my foot... and so I yanked that sucker out with the steadiest hands I've ever had.  And about two seconds later I was staring at the hole in my foot and feeling decidedly wibbly and squicky.

Preformed first aid on myself thanks to my very tall desk, neosporin, bandaids and copious amounts of masking tape.  Just because it's REALLY hard to keep bandaids on your foot.  I guess high school health classes came in handy for once!

So now, I'm sitting at my desk once again, and have decided to skip out on my water aerobics class--in favor of going to the health center, just to make sure I didn't do something wrong last night.  And that I don't need stitches. 

Now I just have to convince myself that ONE absence won't kill my pass/no pass grade in that class XD;
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Just a Quick Note!

:D;; I'm not going to be here tonight, guys.  I have a meeting at 6-7:30, and then from 7:30-9...


Holy GOD I hope it doesn't SUCK. o_o I've been waiting weeks for this. 
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